Pitch With A CAUSE

What is it?

Pitch With a CAUSE is a competition for anyone who has an idea for a business that makes a positive social or environmental impact.

Who's it for?

The competition is open to anyone who's interested in making a submission - high schoolers, undergrads, grad students, non-students, retirees, kindergarteners, etc. Everyone is welcome!

What can you win?

The team selected as the winner at the 2019 Social Impact Summit will take home the $1,500 grand prize! Second place wins $1,000 and third place wins $500.

How does it work?

Round 1:  The online application includes answering a variety of questions related to your business idea.

Consider the following questions when writing your business pitch:

  1. What is your idea? How does it work?

  2. Who are your customers? Who are your beneficiaries (if different)?

  3. What is the social need? How will beneficiaries benefit?

  4. How will you make money?

  5. What is your competitive advantage? Why will customers buy it?

  6. Who is your team? What experience/expertise do they bring to the venture?

  7. What are your funding needs?

The deadline to submit applications is February 28th

Round 2: A panel of expert investors and social entrepreneurs will select the top submissions to present at the Social Impact Summit on Friday, April 5th. Each group will have 5 minutes to pitch their idea followed up with 5 minutes of Q & A from the panel of judges. The judges will carefully evaluate and select the three groups to win the $1500, $1000, and $500 prizes.


Email jkaye3@niu.edu and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!